4 Reasons Why we Love Dialog-Based Instruction


The original hot yoga practice comes to us from a very strong line of gurus who used the postures to help people heal their bodies and improve their strength, flexibility and balance long before western medicine was available.

The Dialogue Instruction in our program originated in the Bikram-method. Here are 4 key reasons we believe that dialogue-led instruction is so vital to the practice:

You get only what you need

The Dialogue communicates how to do each posture while keeping the mind engaged and focused. It gives students the instruction they need to do it the right way for the most benefit with proper alignment. You may even find over time that you hear something new, even though it’s been there the whole time; your body and mind will hear what it needs as it needs it and will respond accordingly.

Trust in the dialogue leads to strength in the postures

As you practice and hear the same dialogue over time, the conscious mind turns off and allows the subconscious to hear what it needs in order to execute the pose the right way, the best way it can. As you become familiar with the posture, you’ll begin to trust your body and mind to follow suit.

Collective movement equals collective energy

You will find that when everyone in the class moves together to the best of their ability, the collective energy is palpable and will help you to have a better class. That’s the power of the dialogue – when everyone works together do what they can the right way, the collective energy helps each member of the class.

Open eyed meditation improved the mind/body connection

Over time, the connection you have between your mind and your body will become stronger and stronger. That calm, sharp focus will transfer to other parts of your life outside of the studio, and again, over time, you will find that you can calmly and with focus make your way through what used to be very stressful situations.

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