“Why I have become a Bikram Believer”

as told by Nicole Corn

We have a blog series that tells the stories of our students and why then have become Bikram Believers.   For many of these students, they describe their journey or life changing experiences brought about by their Bikram Yoga Practice.    

“It took more than 2 years, but I finally got it. Instead of worrying about my breathing, the heat, the humidity, impressing my neighbor, or the worst, being embarrassed for falling out of a posture (e.g. standing bow), I now concentrate on the healing that I receive from each posture.

I also try (but sometimes not successfully) to regain my breath and concentration after each posture. Once you release your ego and concentrate on the healing/peace you get from each posture, completing a practice becomes easier. Some days are better than others, but the end result is the same, PEACE and HEALING. We have a lifetime to embrace our peace and healing with every practice. I had this experience a few days ago and it was exhilarating.”

Nicole Corn has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2008.  She practiced in Seattle and Pittsburgh before moving to the Lake Norman area 2013.   She recently had an “ah-ha” moment that she shared with us.

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