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In a nod to the principles we share in our new our Hot 26+ Teacher Training program, we’ll be uploading a short thought or quote each Saturday, just for you to ponder, share and enjoy.

These are the words that inspire our writing, and our teaching. Some of them were the catalyst for the development of our PathForward Academy personal growth curriculum.

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These Are The Things of the Heart

Have you ever noticed that the things that matter the most to you are often things you cannot see with your eyes, or quantify with facts, or even put into words.

These are the things of the heart.

These are the things that are rooted in relationships, in the ways we engage with others, those we love and live with and those we have never met before. Either way, the quality of our interaction stays with us. We become determined by how we choose to relate, either by what we see on the surface, or by what we see underneath.

Precise observation is seeing through the lens of the heart.
And that is the lens of compassion, for self, and also for others. It is the lens of understanding, and intuition, and creativity.

Do you remember the wise words of Dr. Stephen Covey, in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? In the book, he reflects on the habit of Understanding, “seeking first to understand before being understood”.

This is the essence of seeing with the heart.

As our world grows more complex, and our inner worlds struggle for peace and harmony and rest, it does us well to reflect on the notion of seeing with our heart. (Tweet this)

  • When we are taking care of ourselves first and foremost we are seeing with our heart.
  • When we are setting aside the urgent in exchange for the important, we are seeing with our heart.
  • When we are moving through life according to our personal compass rather than the expectation of the world around us, we are seeing with our heart.

When we begin with heart, something amazing happens.

– We tend to make better left and right-brained decisions.
– We tend to tap our intuition in ways that encourage and reinforce a right path.
– We become people other people want to be with.
– And we become who we are meant to be.

In fact, Stanford University professor Michael Ray developed a Creativity Course in 1982 that made ‘Relating from your Heart” a crucial part of personal and business success. His work has stood the test of time as a radically different model of success.

His course continues to be applauded by former students, like Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great”; Don Maruska, CEO of three Silicon Valley companies, and Bill Veltrop, large systems change agent, now a household name in the world of business innovation and ideation.

Ray says that when you see with your heart, you practice precise observation: Your vision goes beyond what your eyes can know and is not clouded by your Voice of Judgement. You are able to see the best in people.

This is about living with compassion for yourself and others.


Want to try it?

Here is an exercise “Seeing with Your Heart” from Michael Ray’s book, The Highest Goal.

1. Practice loving everyone you interact with for a week. Associates, clients, friends, enemies, strangers… you get the point. Appreciate the humanness of each person by recognizing that each one has hopes, fears, and personal dreams, just as you do.

The Big Idea: When you are able to see the best in others, they tend to behave the way you see them.

2. Practice seeing yourself with your heart. Have faith in your creativity, suspend limiting judgments about yourself, and contemplate any resistance you might have to this.

The Big Idea: You become more of what you were intended to be. Your highest self will begin shining through.

See what happens for you when you try it for a week. Or try it in a relationship that is important to you. Keep notes in your journal.

And, in an effort to create a more loving world, please post what you have learned!

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