A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Those of you who know Disney know that, “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep…” Disney has taught many people many things.  One thing it hasn’t taught me though is how to turn that dream into reality.

One of the dreams that I have had for at least the past 5 years has been to become a certified Bikram Yoga instructor.  Something that I say a lot in my career is, “It’s okay, life happens.”  My life has been happening, my career has been progressing, and I just never felt like I could press the pause button to stop my life and go to a multiple month immersive training program.  So how in the world would I make this dream that has been in my heart for so long happen?

A little over a month ago, I had the opportunity to start my Hot 26+ Teacher Training program with Amy and Christine at Bikram Yoga Lake Norman.  This program offered one thing that none of the other programs I had looked into had.  It was something that seemed doable while maintaining a full-time career.  That was the big selling point for me and I knew that the time was right and that I needed to take full advantage of this opportunity.  Little did I know, when I signed up, just how unique this experience would turn out to be.

One of the things that make this training program so unique is how multifaceted it is.  Amy and Christine really put in the time and effort to think about developing the whole individual, not just someone who can stand in a hot room and regurgitate dialogue to students.  Their “Path Forward” program is something truly top notch.

In my career I have had the opportunity to study from FranklinCovey, a company that is rooted in helping individuals through large-scale companies enable greatness and effective practices.  My experience learning from FranklinCovey propelled my career forward and even landed me the opportunity to be trained by them to become an Educational Consultant to provide “The Leader In Me” Level 1 trainings at schools across the country using their curriculum.  While this learning has had a tremendous impact on me, the “Path Forward” is revving what I already know about effectiveness up to the next level.

This teacher training is also allowing my physical yoga practice to grow. I am not taking more classes than I typically would. The focus on the dialogue as well as the instruction on personal proper alignment from our monthly posture clinics are really impacting what I focus on and what I am able to do in the hot room. Being in this experience has allowed me to slow down and focus on the step-by-step procedures, the foundations, of the postures and from this I have seen so much growth. It is almost like starting over in some postures, except I am seeing more growth in 2 month than I have seen in years.

On top of improvement in productivity and postures I am learning about business best practices and am being prepared to work in studios across the world. Amy has encouraged us to learn the business and the daily ins and outs of studio life that you don’t have to consider when you just show up, practice, and then leave. I have a much greater sense of gratitude of all of the behind the scenes work that teachers and studio owners take part in.

My dream has been in my heart for a long time growing. While I am only at the beginning of my journey in this teacher training I can see a clear “Path Forward” and know that this will be something I can accomplish and have come to fruition in the light of day instead of the depths of a deep sleep.

Christine Ellis is a student in our 2017-2018 Hot 26+ Teacher Training program, and is a literacy coach and trainer for school systems. You can find her here on her blog.

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