Using Fear to move towards the Direction of Your Intention

Three simple steps to gain mastery over fear!

Have you ever been under the grip of fear that you will do almost anything imaginable to avoid it?  Fear is such a strong emotion that it can hold you back from experiencing everything from happiness to realizing your true potential.

For me, the fear is writing! It conjures up the voice in my head that says “you are just not good enough”.

My fear dates back to high school where I struggled with writing. Finally, in the 12th grade, I had an English teacher that made me confront this fear. I had no choice but to work on my writing if I wanted to graduate!

What does fear look like to you? It might be a posture in class, a conversation with a friend or love one, or even a simple activity like writing!

My “fear experience” taught me a great lesson….“The only way to overcome fear is to address it head on.”

So how do I apply this lesson in my daily life? I use a three-step process:

Step 1              Recognize what triggers stress in you—an accelerated heartbeat, feeling anxious, sweaty palms… For me, writing makes me feel really stuck, as though I’ve fallen in the hole and can’t get out! Yours may be different, but recognizing your fear is the first step toward overcoming it.

Step 2              Acknowledge the fear but don’t give it power over your life. When I acknowledge my “stuck feeling”… it begins to lose its control over me.

Step 3              Act. However small, commit to an activity that addresses your fear head on – no turning back! For me, I made the commitment to start a daily journal.

My business coach suggested a simple solution: I commit to writing 10 minutes a day. She encouraged me to just write and not think about form, punctuations or even if I spelled words correctly. This sounded like a simple task so I decided to commit to this activity.

I have been journaling for a little over a month and have actually enjoyed the experience! I have missed a day or two journaling because of my work schedule. I have chosen not beat myself up over this fact. This is a big step for me. Yes, I have to work hard on writing but it is getting easier.

I have found by facing my fear that I am gaining confidence needed to move through it.  

Is something in your life holding you back from happiness or realizing your truest potential? Try my three simple steps and see if you too can gain the confidence to move through your fear and towards the direction of your intention.

A stronger and happier you is waiting on the other side!

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