Get your [Ahhh] with Yin Yoga!

Get your [Ahhh] with Yin Yoga!

Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice and a great way to balance the energy of our very yang-infested Western lives.

As far as symbols go, it doesn’t get more rudimentary than yin-yang. The yinyang or Tai Chi symbol, as it’s sometimes known, is a circle divided equally into two parts. The circle itself represents the universe and everything in it. Yang, the yellow side, can be described as masculine, light, hot, fast, moving, aggressive, and upward. While the yin, the blue side, can be described as just the opposite: feminine, dark, cold, slow, still, passive, and downward.

Yin and yang are complementary energies that interact to form a dynamic system. Everything in life has a yin or yang quality to it. In traditional Chinese medicine, good health is directly related to the balance between the yin and yang properties within oneself.

Where yin and yang meet, harmony exists. Therefore, in order to achieve a sense of balance in our lives, we need to explore, cultivate, and support both aspects of our mind and body.

Most styles of yoga (and physical activities) are yang in nature. They focus on improving flexibility as well as strength of muscle tissues. At Bikram Yoga Lake Norman, this includes our Bikram yoga classes, as well as, our Inferno Hot Pilates and Core Flow classes. As a complement to these very yang practices, Bikram Yoga Lake Norman also offers our students Yin Yoga on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m.

Thursdays at 6:30pm. Click here to reserve your mat!

According to yoga instructor, Kathryn Fish, “Yin yoga concentrates on keeping joints mobile while increasing flexibility. Tissues that would be described as yin include the deep connective tissues of the body, ligaments, fascia, and the bones themselves. They do not have the same fluid content and are therefore less mobile and less elastic. Connective tissues surround our joints preventing injury and protecting the joints. Yin yoga is still and passive and therefore able to actually stretch the joints and connective tissues surrounding them, in addition to the muscle. In yin yoga, time is the critical factor resulting in low, slow and deep postures held for about two minutes.”

“There is a time for motion and a time for stillness” ~ Tao Te Ching

Because of the long holds, yin yoga is mostly constructed of floor poses utilizing the downward momentum of gravity to create the desired action in the body. We are not actively working in the poses or striving to go deeper, but rather following the path of least resistance in terms of alignment and positioning, keeping the muscles soft and coming to an appropriate depth in order to hold the poses for the desired length of time. Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice and a great way to balance the energy of our very yang-infested Western lives.

If you’re feeling overstimulated by the world around you, attending a yin yoga class at Bikram Yoga Lake Norman will help swing the pendulum back to a place of equilibrium, in both your body and your mind. Give yourself the gift of balance and harmony and try a yin yoga class this week!


Thursdays at 6:30pm. Click here to reserve your mat!


by Fawn Hahnenberg

Yin Yoga instuctor~Bikram Yoga Lake Norman
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