Hitting the “Pause & Reflect” Button

Have you ever just wanted to hit the “pause” button in life and take in the moment?

Well, I had this experience last weekend after spending three days with our Hot26+ Teacher Trainees.

Our Hot26+ Teacher Training Program is a rigorous 500-hour course that is founded on the principles and postures of the Original Hot Yoga Sequence – Bikram Method, yet it is much more.   This integrated teaching training “blends” cutting-edge business and leadership wisdom with ancient yoga knowledge, while honoring the classical yoga sequencing.

We have a diverse group of trainees that each have rich business and practice experiences that makes the experience so interesting and rewarding.   They have each made a commitment to becoming Original Hot Yoga Instructors while juggling full time careers and families.   This is not an easy task.  It takes a special kind of individual to rise above the obstacles and finish the program with generosity, gratitude and grit!

The trainees are half way through the program and they are feeling the pressure of graduation requirements.   This weekend was a defining moment as each had to make the decision on how they wanted to show up at the end.

This is just like the feeling you get when we are almost through class and you are wondering if you have the strength to finish.   At that moment, you either finish strong or quit.

I had the bird’s eye view to sit back and watch their decisions.   One by one, they each decided that were they going to finish strong.  Further, they were confident in their decisions as they have utilized their talents and the learned skills to make this happen.

As I shared this story with my husband, Steve, he said in his usual manner “ok, you need to pause and take in this moment.  You and Christine (my business partner) have spent countless hours designing and teaching this program.  This has been your focus since the beginning… to develop well qualified Original Hot Yoga Instructors that are confident, caring, and generative leaders”.

Needless to say, we are excited that graduation is near and you will be experiencing some new Original Hot Instructors in your home studios.

Graduation from Hot26+ Teacher Training  is May 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm. 

We would love for you to join us so we can introduce you to your new Instructors.   Come join us for the celebration!

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