How Are You Spending Your Time?

(Note: Christine Loeffler and I have worked together on business projects since 2005 and are co-developing the up and coming teacher training course, HOT 26+ Teacher Training, which launches next month.)

by Christine Loeffler

As Amy and I prepare for our Hot 26+ Teacher Training, we both have been burning the candle at both ends at times. However, with Amy’s credentials as a master teacher and coach, she’s definitely better at keeping things in balance than I tend to be.

I realized that while my job is to coach others on effective decision making which includes time management, I fail at times.

I spent the better part of last week with my family at a resort in New York called the Mohonk Mountain House. Our time together amid the 20,000 acres of lush scenery, wonderful outdoor amenities, amazing food and lovely accommodations will surely become a rich and favored memory of a lifetime.

But something else happened last week that might have been even more life-changing. I remembered what it’s like to live in Self-time.

It’s a concept that Michael Ray talks about in his book The Highest Goal. It goes like this:

At different times in our lives, most of us struggle with getting everything done without experiencing stress and time management challenges. It’s not because we don’t keep a running to-do list, or fill up our Reminders app with a zillion tasks.

It’s because we are seldom present. He says, “We spend our time wandering through the vast repository of the past, with its memories, things we did wrong, people we liked and didn’t like. When we look toward the future, we’re filled with fear and anticipation of events that may never occur. The present never exists for us. Our minds dwell in these other modes, and we miss life.”

My wake-up call:

Being with family in this gorgeous place made it abundantly clear to me that I had giving up living in the now in order to pursue the urgent. I had been justifying the importance of fulfilling commitments I’d made to the exclusion of value commitments I was not keeping with myself.

What makes this kind of behavior so unproductive is that it fills us with distractions and reduces our ability to get much of anything done. It can lead to negative thinking and self-doubt, which leads us to worry about what others think. In our training, we call this the Voice of Judgement, or VOJ. I was realizing that VOJ-time was replacing Self-time.

It was time to get things back in perspective and live in Self-time.

Michael Ray says, when you can live in Self-time, you are living in the present, and you are drawing that intention from your inner resources and your best self.

Have you experienced Self-Time lately? Here are some indicators:

  • Times when you focus effortlessly and accomplished things in a state of flow.

  • Times when you lose track of time because you’re doing something that you love.

  • Times when you view the world from your heart, rather than from what the world says you are “supposed” to experience.

Amy will keep you on the right path!

Bikram Yoga Lake Norman is the perfect respite to return to Self-time. For those of you who have not experienced this phenomenon, give it a try.


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