One Simple Step to Less Stress & Greater Happiness

Are you wanting greater success in your personal and professional life? Do you want less stress and more happiness?   Would you like to feel great and sleep better at night? If yes, then I have an investment tip for you…  Make yourself a priority in your life!

A common theme that I hear from clients is that they are “so busy” that they don’t have time for anything that is truly important in their life.   We all want to look great, feel fit, enjoy life and be less stressed. So why do we struggle with making this happen?

I lived the “busy life” for too long. A few years ago I decided to make some changes. I wrote about these changes in my blog Shift Happens.  

If I could point to one change that has truly made a difference what would it be? It involved one simple step.

Make appointments with yourself each week.

This sounds simple but actually can be quite challenging.   We fill up our calendars with important “to do” list items then hope to cram something to nurture our bodies and minds in the margin. It’s no wonder that we are tired and frustrated. Change how you prioritize your calendar and notice the difference it will make in your life.

Ok, so maybe you are skeptical about this suggestion.   I encourage you to just try this technique for one week and see how differently you feel. Give it a try and then let me know you experienced life.   I am betting you are going to get a 100% return on your investment.

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