Are you ready to Live YOUR Dream in 2017?

What if I told you that I have the winning lottery ticket just for you?   Ok, so before you think that it’s impossible or I am crazy (or how to go about it) listen to my story.


I have spent the majority of my life in some sort of school. School to get into college, school to get a corporate job, school to climb the corporate ladder and school to pursue my true calling (more about this later).   It has all been in the pursuit of “Living my Dream”.

But here’s the truth……I have been wandering around all these years like a student who doesn’t know her major!

I’ve always been clear about my calling… to awaken the potential in others, yet I’ve been waiting for God to give me the action plan.  He’s been doing it all along, and I just wasn’t seeing it.

It was five years ago, that I had a conversation with my husband which opened the opportunity for me to begin this journey.   So I left the corporate world to live out my calling by opening Bikram Yoga Lake Norman, in order to share my love for whole body fitness with everyone.

It is my belief that we have to heal our “junkyard bodies” before we can get to the tough work of cleaning up our minds!

If we can work through all of our body’s aches and pains, the joy of truly loving ourselves comes easier, and through that process, we can start “Living Our Dream”.

My journey has not been easy. About a year ago, I wanted to abandon everything. If someone would have walked in and asked for the keys I would have probably given them away.   I was tired, uninspired, and just didn’t have anything else left to give.   As the universe would have it, giving up was not an option.

It turns out that this struggle was exactly the schooling I needed to pursue my calling.
My accountability partner gave me a book for Christmas, Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout. We had just completed a day together strategizing about our businesses for 2017. I was excited to read the book over the holidays.   I knew it would contain the jewels to help me implement my 2017 plan.

I wasn’t prepared for what would happen next.
I decided to take a day and just absorb the book. No yoga, no running around. Just a quiet day of reading by the fireplace. By the end of the day, I had decided to scrap my 2017 plan and start truly pursing my calling with a new framework. The book inspired me that much.

Pam Grout’s premise is that if we devote our time and focus to shameless joy and unabashed joy we will grow rich! That’s it.   Our God/universe/infinite intelligence or whatever you want to call our Source made us in its perfect image and has abundance that it wants to offer us each day.

We just need to get on its frequency to receive all these gifts. As Grout likes to say, “quite thinking and starting thanking”. She makes a compelling case of pursuing love and gratitude so we can Live our Dream.   It’s just like holding a winning lottery ticket.

I decided that I have tried everything else to pursue my calling so why not try Pam’s premise?   What do I have to lose?  

So here I am, the first week of January, Living my Dream. My focus for 2017 is to spread gratitude and joy everywhere so that I can truly live my calling.   How will I know that I am successful?   I will have awakened the potential in a multitude of others so that they in turn can be Living their Dreams.

What if I fail? I will be in the same position as I am today. I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done my best to pursue my calling.   Not a bad risk to take.

I am now looking for a few folks that would like to begin the journey of “Living the Dream” with me in 2017.   If any of this sounds intriguing, then post below (or email me) telling me “I want to live my dream” in 2017.   We will begin the journey together with working on our junkyard bodies in the hot room so we can move to the even more important work of transforming our minds.

We are going to have a ridiculously amazing 2017!   I can’t wait.

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