Do you ever feel like throwing the babies out with the bathwater?

The secret to managing through stressful times

Life can be stressful.  It is easy to wake up and realize that you have just too much on your plate.  You might even say to yourself “something has to give”.   How do you manage these stressful times?

Just the other day, I had this conversation with a student.   She had recently taken on a new job as a result of a promotion and was also in the midst of relocating to a new house for her growing family.

She was struggling to find time to practice and said “my yoga practice may just need to be put on hold”. 

I encouraged her to think about her current situation and solve for what she needed most first so she could accomplish all of the tasks (i.e. a way to manage through the stress of everyday living).

I reminded her to “Not Throw the baby out with the bathwater”!  

I know you have heard the phrase many times.   It is a concept used to suggest an avoidable error when something good is eliminated (i.e. yoga practice) when trying to get rid of something bad (i.e. stress).

I have been in this situation many times myself.  I need to find extra time in my schedule to accomplish everything on my to do list. What’s the secret? Here is what I have learned over the last 15 years of practicing yoga regularly.   Block time for my yoga practice and then make everything else work around it!

Yes, my yoga practice takes time but it is exactly what I need to move through stressful situations.  I am much more productive if I continue to practice despite the demands of my daily life. 

In fact, I will tell you that I am actually more productive and accomplish more by practicing regularly.   The time commitment forces me to use my available time more efficiently.   I am more focused during these available times and don’t let emotions of being overloaded fill my brain.

My yoga practice clears my mind so that I can stay on track!

Are you going through a busy time right now? 
  Join me in the hot room.   It’s the best prescription that I can write you to manage through a stressful time in your life.


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