THE Secret to Your Personal Body Transformation

This is the most frequent question that I get asked.   “I want to transform my body to look like you.  How do I do it?”

My answer is consistent practice and mindful eating each and every day.  Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much, unless you follow my secret to getting started on the right track.

So, I offer my little-known secret that can help anyone start their own transformation journey to look and feel fabulous! 

Seeing is believing

It’s all about mindset. I truly believe that if you want to transform your body you must begin seeing and believing a new vision of your desired self.  The clearer the picture you have of your desired self,  the more focus and determination you will have to push through the hard work of transforming your body.

Take note!
By consistently focusing on your ideal body image rather than your current body image, change will begin!  

If you take my Inferno Hot Pilates class you will hear me lead the class through this visioning process as we begin each class.  This mental preparation is often overlooked by teachers and coaches, but not here. It is the key that will get you moving in the right direction!

If you were to adopt the same goal for your own body, where would you begin?   

The current visioning trend in our studio is “Adore Your Core”. Many of our students are setting their intentions on a “strong and sculpted core”.  Many students are even attending class in a short top (for women) or shirtless (for men), and report that this helps them remain proud of their progress and motivated to continue.

Join us by adopting “Adore your Core” in your own practice! 
Pick up a free card at the front desk to track your daily progress of repeating this intention. (Or, if you have a different intention for your practice, adopt that, whatever it may be! Our goal is to support you on YOUR transformation journey!)

Here are 3 key elements to get started with your new you!

1. Speak this intention to yourself throughout each day, (even if you do not believe it initially!) Just begin by saying “I adore my core” over and over, and that simple mantra, repeated consistently,  can help you get started!

2. Practice “seeing” yourself in that desired state... see that sculpted Core that you want to obtain and capture that feeling of pride when looking in the mirror.  By practicing this shift in our minds each day, we move closer to the results we want to obtain.

3. Allow yourself to begin sluffing off those old habits (we all have them!) that no longer fit the new intention, and begin substituting better, more enabling habits in their place!

Get your own “Adore Your Core” tee-shirt!

Needing a little more motivation?  See new t-shirts in the boutique. But come soon! Supplies are extremely limited already!

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