Ready for a Mindset Refresh? Here are 6 Ways to Start!

Mindset refresh? Yep.  Success of any kind starts with getting our minds working in favor of our goals and dreams!

Remember back to your teen years, and the way you made decisions?

I do. Yikes! I cringe when I think about it.

My basic rule for living was, ” If you don’t feel like doing something (homework, chores… you get the idea) then why do it?”  It seemed to me that  “what feels good in the moment” was a pretty cool way to justify my decisions.

The only kicker was that it didn’t work.  Decisions and actions based on moment-to-moment feelings did not bring on the joy I thought they would! Not to mention the desire to show up for life that mattered and made some sense.

I don’t know how many times my grandmother (thank you, Grandma Hazel) would say “How you feel about making the bed and doing your homework matters not. Just go do it! You’ll get the feelings you want when you get the job done!

She was so right. And science concurs. A mindset grounded in healthy habits fuel good feelings, self-love and confident decision making.

In our HOT 26+ Teacher Training course, we like to say that a healthy mindset combined with healthy habits is the recipe for a life lived well.

Our HOT 26+ teacher training is, among other things, rigorous. There are days when students just have to tell themselves to stick with it and get through it.  And that’s exactly what they do. In fact, our Mindset Mantra for the course is:  “I am. I can. I will.” It’s a great reminder to students that their mindset matters.

Start with adopting simple and easy routines into your daily routine

When we add simple bite-sized habits  into our daily routines, great things happen. Here are six of our favorites:

1. Gratitudes first!

Isn’t it rewarding and humbling to think about what you’re grateful for?  When you feel overwhelmed, grab a gratitude from your list stash, and if ever you feel like giving up, call up that feeling you had after your last big win! Gratitude and achievement go hand in hand. You can do this!

2. Focus on what matters most

Discovering and recording your values, strengths, goals, priorities, as well as big projects, pay big dividends. Read over and visualize them daily.

3. Adopt AM & PM Reflection Time

Setting aside time everyday to think and plan is a game changer. Challenged by all the early morning drills needed to get your crew out the door? Our favorite AM trick… wake up 15 minutes earlier so that quiet time is actually quiet!  Translated, this also means…Go to bed earlier! Our PM trick…de-clutter your work area, take a moment to note today’s accomplishments and, write down your top 3 priorities for tomorrow. You’ll feel more refreshed and prepared to welcome each and every day!

4. Priorities first, yes, but…

If you tend to procrastinate, check a quick and easy task (example: make the bed, stack the dishwasher, brainstorm a headline, do 10 jumping jacks) off your list….before you jump into that first priority. Your initial accomplishment will set you up for a more productive and joyful day!

5. Touch your planner before you touch your phone

Give yourself the gift of clear thinking and mindful preparation! Leave that phone on the charger until you’ve had some time to yourself and thought through the day ahead.

6. For creativity’s sake, quit thinking!

Taking mindset breaks throughout your day will increase your focus, and creativity! In fact, our creative minds get busy when our conscious minds get out of the way! Get outside and enjoy a walk. Call a friend. Laugh with your kids!

Want to hit the refresh button on your mindset? Begin with this mantra:

I am grateful… I can do this…and I will succeed!

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