3 Proven Ways to Spring into Healthy Mindset Habits!

Snow in Spring? Hard to believe, isn’t it?  But the warm weather is beginning to peek through and we’re getting excited about plenty of sunny days around the corner! It has been a chilly, and cozy winter but we are ready for all of the new beginnings this season has to offer.

Speaking of new beginnings… Now is the time to spring clean those unwanted behaviors by trading them out for these 3 healthy mindset habits:

Move more. The #1 reason people don’t get enough exercise is that they claim they simply don’t have the time. Health professionals say that 15 minutes of daily moderate exercise can do wonders – so get creative! Choose a parking spot the farthest from the grocery store doors, or opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Or, you might even offer to take the neighbor’s dog for a long after-dinner walk. These simple changes in your everyday life can add up to thousands of burned calories and may even result in a few new friends.

Eat Better. A healthy diet is critical to your overall health. Anything that comes from nature (foods that do not have a label) is likely to nourish your body and improve your health. And, water is the one nutrient vital to all body systems and every tiny little cell in your body. Getting the recommended amounts of water daily supports healthy skin, a fast metabolism, productivity, high energy levels and even your good mood!

Live well. Weight loss, traffic, hectic schedules, children, spouses, work… and the list goes on and on. Don’t worry about it! Just take a long, deep breath. Go ahead… I’ll wait. That’s it. Inhale. Fill your lungs, and now release that breath. Feel better? Me too. It’s a fact that living well can start with breathing well. Effective breathing reduces stress levels almost immediately and can even boost your immune system. Take a few minutes every day to simply observe your breath. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

So don’t just stand there! Move more, Eat better, and Live Well!

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