What happens when stress gets the best of you?

What happens when stress gets the best of you?

Three simple strategies I use to manage stress

Stress, for me, can sometimes feel maddening and uncontrollable. There will never be enough time time in a day to get it all done, work responsibilities seem endless, and in spite of an abiding relationship with my hairdresser, the gray hairs keep coming!

Like I said in last week’s blog post, it is easy to wake up and decide that you have just too much on your plate.  You might even say to yourself “something has to give”.

Stress is unavoidable. How we deal with it is not.

Here are three simple strategies that help me manage stress when it comes my way:


Stress happens. Develop a mindset that stress is a very natural occurrence in life. First, accept responsibility for the role you play in creating or maintaining the stressors that impact you negatively. Until you do that, it will remain outside your control.

Tip: Keep a Stress Journal. Each time you feel stressed, keep track of it in your journal. As you keep a daily log, you will begin to see patterns and common themes.


Remember that we can choose our response to any given situation. By altering the habitual way we see things that come our way, we develop perspective that can be both rewarding and healing, even during stressful times.

Tip: Begin observing our own behavior by consciously noticing how we are reacting to different situations. Instead of reacting habitually, stop. Count back from 5 to 1. Say “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” to yourself. This simple strategy creates a mind shift allows you to determine consciously how you can respond to the situation in a more enabling way.


Stress can make us feel frozen… powerless to do something. Movement is the prefect remedy. Schedule your yoga classes into your calendar before anything else. Get up and start moving, and make movement vital to your day, every day. Incorporate movement into your daily habits.

Tip: In the morning, stretch your body when you are brushing your teech. At the computer, don’t sit for more than an hour. If you need a reminder, set the timer on your mobile phone or computer. During your free time, get to your yoga class.


By building Accept, Alter and Act strategies into your daily routine, you’ll come away with less stress! You will see your life more positively, and you will be doing things you truly enjoy that also bring you added peace, heath and hope.

You did it! Say Ahhh.

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