Teacher Training that is more than 26 Postures

Thoughts on Leadership by Amy Clement

By popular demand, we’ve created a new non-immersion 9 weekend, 9 months Hot 26+ Teacher Training program that will begin at our Lake Norman Campus in September. Our comprehensive 500-hour training is based on the “Original Hot Yoga -Bikram Method” sequence and is approved by the OHYA.  Upon graduation, our trainees will be on a pathway to become Certified Original Hot Yoga instructors.

As a trained and Certified Bikram Instructor and Level 2 OHYA instructor, I’ve watched the industry evolve and grow from its early roots in the Bikram method, which by any standards, offers superior core practice instruction and technical training. The rigor of the training and ultimate strength I discovered during this program life-changing and will always be the core focus of our teacher training program.

But, as a business entrepreneur and leadership coach, and founder of Pathforward Academy and  Hot 26+ Teacher Training, I knew that our program would have to include a more well-rounded approach… one that pays particular attention to personal development, leadership, productivity, marketing and  business best practices.

These are the elements that we have added to our program, and with high marks from the good folks at Original Hot Yoga Association, who certify and endorse hot yoga teacher training programs.

As a comprehensive, non-immersion, 500 hour training, we happen to be the only one of its kind on the east coast!

So, come and check us out. We have just a few remaining spots for our programs starting in September.

Strength comes in many forms
that you never thought possible.
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Our studio, Bikram Yoga Lake Norman, and our training program, Hot 26 + Teacher Training, are both approved and endorsed by the OHYA. Our master trainer, Amy Clement, received her Bikram Yoga Certification prior to the formation of the OHYA. We are the only non-immersion Original Hot Yoga Training program endorsed on the East Coast. 

Read more about our HOT 26 Teacher Training here.

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