I’m Declaring May as Mindfulness Month!

The beginning of May.  Where has the first quarter of the year gone?  I wonder how fully present I have been over the last 90 days?  I seem to get so caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle of life that I have a hard time being present. 

Where does it show up? In my practice, I go into/out of postures before the instructor’s queue, I loose my balance because I am thinking of some task that I need to accomplish during the day, I see sweat drops on the mirror and tell myself to make a mental note to clean it after class. 

I wonder what would happen if I just decided to make a commitment to be “present” for 30 days in my practice.  I would need to loose my expectations about my postures and even give myself permission to forgot to clean the sweat drops off the mirrors after class. 

What is the worst thing that could happen if I practiced “mindfulness”?  I have a hard time even coming up with the consequences but it seems easy to detail a whole list of reasons “why” I could not do it. Maybe that should be my challenge for the next 30 days…

I wonder if other students struggle with this as well? Possibly, so I am declaring that May is “mindfulness” month for my practice and it will no doubt be a challenge.  I will even invite each of you to join me on this journey.

Let’s just see what happens.


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