Announcing our Summer Photo Contest

Calling all Amateur Photographers and Bikram Yogis!

The summer is upon us and we are starting to make plans for our vacations. Let’s take our Bikram Yoga practice on the road this summer with a photo contest. Share a photo of you in one of your favorite postures while on vacation. We will collect and post all of the submitted entries. The winner will be chosen by the students of the studio and prizes will be awarded. Let the fun begin!

Contest Rules:

  1. One photo submission per student
  2. Photo will feature student in a Bikram Yoga posture
  3. Photos should be submitted to BYLKN electronically by 8/15/15 (
  4. Photos will be judged on creativity not perfection of the posture
  5. Photos should not be altered or enhanced

Where to Submit your photos:

When you have your images ready to submit, simply  email them to us here. Who knows? Your photos might just be one of the BIG WINNERS!!

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