Questions Often Asked…

Questions Often Asked… 2016-11-21T13:25:30+00:00
Why is the room hot? 2016-12-06T05:11:16+00:00

Having our studio space hot:

  • Protects your muscles and allows for deeper stretching
  • Increases your heart rate for a better  cardiovascular workout
  • Thins the blood to increase blood circulation
  • Detoxifies the body through sweat
  • Builds strength and endurance
Can you lose weight practicing Bikram Yoga? 2016-11-21T13:25:34+00:00

Absolutely! The average person burns between 600-900 calories per  90-minute session. As you continue to practice regularly you will naturally begin to make better dietary choices as your body craves foods that give you energy and help you stay hydrated.

I’ve never done yoga before. Is there a beginner’s class? 2013-10-23T04:20:49+00:00

Bikram Yoga is a beginner’s series designed to be safe enough for beginners while challenging even the most experienced of practitioners. Each 90-minute class consists of the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises so that you are not only getting a full body workout, but as you learn the postures and gain strength and  flexibility you will be able to go deeper into each posture for maximum benefits.

Don’t worry about flexibility! You practice yoga to gain flexibility, and over time through practice you not only strengthen your muscles but slowly improve and retain greater mobility in your joints.

Don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes, or even see your toes…everyone is a perfect candidate for Bikram Yoga!

How often should I practice? 2013-10-23T04:22:51+00:00

Everyone is different, so you should listen to your body to decide how often is right for you. Bikram Yoga is safe enough to practice daily, and most regular practitioners practice four to five times per week. It’s recommended that you take your second class within  24 hours of your first visit.

If you’re a beginner, try to come at least three times in your first week to allow your body to adjust to the heat. It’s normal to feel some soreness when you begin your practice, but continued movement will help that subside.


It’s my first class. What should I know? 2016-11-21T13:25:34+00:00

These tips will help you get off to a great start:

  • Arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to class time to complete your registration. You may register online before class, but it’s not necessary.
  • Wear clothes that are light, comfortable and not too baggy. Think about how you would dress for a day at the beach.
  • Try not to eat any heavy meals for two hours before class, and make sure you’re hydrated before you come to class. Drink plenty of water!
  • All you need to bring is a mat, large bath/beach towel and a water bottle. We also have all of these available for rent or purchase at the studio if needed.
  • It’s normal to feel dizzy or light-headed as your body adjusts to the heat. Just stand still, sit down, or relax and these moments will pass.  Just try to just stay in the room for your first class to accumulate to the temperature.
  • It’s okay to feel nervous! We all did in our first class, and we came back for more.  Realize that each students focuses on themselves not everyone around them.  Please don’t feel intimidated.
  • Rather than doing postures with the class, your instructor will give you detailed instructions so that you know exactly how to practice each posture safely and correctly.

Our job is to focus all of our energy and attention on you, that way you can focus on yourself in the mirror and get the maximum benefit from the class!at way you can focus on yourself in the mirror and get the maximum benefit from the series!

I have existing health conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, arthritis, pregnancy). Can I still practice Bikram yoga? 2013-10-23T04:14:01+00:00

Always consult with your physician if you are on any medications or have any known health concerns. If you are pregnant and you already have a consistent Bikram Yoga practice, then it is safe to continue to practice during your pregnancy with your doctor’s approval. If you have never practiced Bikram Yoga before, we recommend that you come back after you have the baby to start your practice and enjoy the benefits. We are happy to share information with you on the pregnancy modifications for the series.