Why I’ve become a Bikram Believer, as told by Brandy Clark

We are beginning a new blog series today that will tell the story of several of our students, and why they have become Bikram Believers. For many of these students, you’ll be reading about life-changing experiences brought about by their Bikram practice.

Today we introduce you to Brandy Clark. Brandy has been a dedicated student over the last several months and has this inspirational story to share:

  1. How did you hear about Bikram Yoga Lake Norman and what motivated you to take a class? 

I heard about Hot Yoga from my sister in law. She has made it apart of her life for the last 6 years. I ask her what’s she doing and the answer was Hot Yoga so of course I went home and started looking for Hot yoga studios in my area. I found Bikram Yoga in December and have been attending every since. What drew my attention the most was the friendly faces greeting you and the super clean environment. My main motivation for Hot Yoga was to clean my self from the inside out. I have battled a smoking addiction and prayed this would help me find a away to throw it out of my life. They say you leave one habit and replace it with another- Hot Yoga is my new habit but a good one.

  1. What have you discovered about yourself and/or your personal journey as a result of practicing Bikram Yoga? 

Since practicing at Bikram I have quit smoking and stopped drinking soft drinks. Both I thought I could never do. There is something about that hot room and the sense of peace I get from it. I started in December and had my last Cigarette on January 31st. I would encourage anyone with an addiction to give this class a 30 day try and I believe you will get that feeling of “I’m releasing this all out threw my pores and never to let it return”.

  1. What advice would you have for new students (or students who have been away from the hot room for a while) ?

My advice would be to identify a goal. It might be something that are looking to get rid of which might include a feeling, a habit, or just motivation. I found this class can heal in all ways. I found for my self it was to not over due it or push to hard in class. I just started out saying this is a life style change that will take some time. I want to keep Hot Yoga in this change. Just like many others, we all attend the gym and never go back after 60 days as our motivation starts to fade. That’s why when I started Hot yoga I told my self this isn’t a 30 day, 60 day, or a 90 day change this is a life style change. So far I have stayed clean and motivated. Hope it does the same for you!

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