Right here, right now. Do what you can.

You know, getting ahead in life, with you fitness goals, your business goals, or you life goals, have alot in common. When I heard this recently I needed to understand more. You see, the successful leader I admired so much was telling me that there are three fundamental ways to get through life.

#1. Ponder then Proceed Folks

The “Ponder then Proceed” folks want to understand the road ahead before they get started. Makes sense, but these folks want to understand the entire road, the surrounding landscape, the county, the state, and the universe.  These are the folks that get each and every drop in the ocean figured out before they dip their pinkie into the water.

Unwilling to take the slightest risk, frustration sets in quickly when they find that their pondering in place hasn’t given them time to enjoy any part of the process.

#2. Dive then Decide

The “Dive then Decide” folks can’t wait to jump in and start swimming. They are so excited about jumping in that they really haven’t thought much about where they’ll end up. “Just let me get wet, and I’ll think about the rest later”. Unwilling to establish a sightline to get to the other side, frustration sets in quickly when they realize that they’ve been swimming in circles and getting nowhere.

#3. Plan Now, Act Now Folks

These folks understand that a plan helps us get where we want to go, but that we’ll get no where without getting a move on. Finding that balance between strategy and action can be complicated, or quite simple. It all depends on where you see yourself in the mix.

At Bikram Yoga Lake Norman, and in all of our teacher education, we believe in giving our students and teachers the tools and skills they need to get to their desired destination. But we also give them hands on mentoring and encouragement so that they can jump in and start learning and moving in a safe and supportive environment.

We say that students need to begin with what they have, where they are, but to begin. Make a baby decision and take a baby step. We’ll be with you all the way.