Are you seeing weeds or “flowers with possibilities”?

I was talking with a student the other day and she said, “I have always wanted to get into one of those cute two-piece yoga outfits for class”.   So, I responded with “what is holding you back”?   She just looked at me and said “oh, it’s just not possible”.

It reminded me of a simple shift in perspective that can literally change our lives …

We can either stay “stuck in the weeds”
or see them as “flowers with possibilities”!

Around Bikram Lake Norman, we believe in possibilities!  Last November, I decided to personally take on a Plank Challenge.  I wanted to see what was possible with my 50+ body.

So, I embarked upon 30 days of Planks and Thanks or as social media calls it “Planksgiving”.   I declared my intention on Facebook and invited my Facebook friends to join me.  I was shocked when so many friends decided to accept the Challenge.   Soon everyone was posting their plank pictures.  It was so much fun!

“Giving up is not an option.  It’s just not in my DNA
– Amy Clement”

I got a really bad sinus infections towards the end of November and had a choice to make.  I could either finish strong or just stop.   Despite being sick, I realized that giving up wasn’t an option.  “Persist” is a core value in our Bikram Manifesto, so it’s just not in my DNA to stop.

I declared my intention publicly and had a lots of Facebook friends wanting to see the final results.   I also had decided before I even started that I was going to hold a plank for 5 minutes!

I believe it was this “flower of possibility”
that kept me going strong.

I finished the Challenge and hit my 5-minute goal.   It felt so amazing to accomplish something that at the beginning seemed daunting.   It was a great lesson for me.   It reinforced my belief in the power of what we believe!

It’s your turn!

As we enter the New Year, what is something that you would like to accomplish this year but keep telling yourself “it’s just not possible”?   What if you declared your intention and started believing you had already accomplished your goal?  Wouldn’t it be amazing!

Start today.

I love this quote!  “A year from now you will have wished you started today!”

So, start now! Declare your intention and begin believing it’s possible.   Just post below “It’s possible” so we can support you along this journey.   Needing more accountability and support this year?  Reach out to me for some fitness coaching.   I would love to walk the journey with you.

Just think how amazing you are going feel on New Year’s Eve 2017!

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