Bikram Yoga Heats up the Winter

The following article is a reprint from the Mooresville Weekly (published January 23, 2015)

MOORESVILLE – It took a knee injury for Amy Clement to try out Bikram yoga. And it took a desire to step down from the corporate world that drove her to start her own studio.

Bikram Yoga celebrates its first anniversary Jan. 23 as a new addition to the area’s growing yoga studios. The year-old business opened its first studio last January and then expanded to add an adjoining studio in October that offers more traditional yoga.

The 5,000-square-foot center offers “hot yoga,” a type of yoga that requires a very heated room and enables a client to sweat and stretch more.

“The warmer room allows clients a larger range of motion while practicing a pose,” Clement said.

She said it is safe and they have had more than 1,000 people through the studio with no problems because her teachers have been certified in this particular kind of exercise.

All students are taught breathing techniques as they learn to modify poses to what may be more comfortable. Clement added pregnant women and those just recovering from an operation probably shouldn’t attempt hot yoga.

The workout room is inside the rest of the studio and is heated with special radiant heating panels in the ceiling, which heats without heating the air.

The room has a state-of-the-art monitor that checks the carbon dioxide level in a room full of people. When the carbon dioxide level rises, the system lets in fresh air from the outside to circulate.

For those who would like to practice a more typical type of yoga, the business has expanded to add another studio next door.

Why has yoga gotten so popular?

Clement points to the new healthcare laws that are curtailing other preventative health measures. She said that many who used to be able to go to their chiropractor a few times a month find that their policy won’t pay for it anymore, so they are looking for alternative ways to become proactive with their health.

Clement is also seeing more men coming in. About one-fourth of their clients are male, Clement said, noting it’s a myth that yoga is just for women.

“The beautiful aspect of this studio is that no one is judged on skill or appearance,” student Chris Robillard said. “You walk into an immaculate space where – in one class – you strengthen your body, mind and your willpower! It’s one of the few, if not the only exercise you will not suffer an injury from, put stress on your joints, or strain your muscles. Not the mention, the heat is incredibly cleansing for your pores and blood vessels.”

The business is also attracting those who have never practiced. Many come because they, like Clement, have had a chronic pain issue. Others come to relieve stress.

Want to go? Bikram Yoga, located at 236 Raceway Drive, is open seven days a week with classes in the morning and evening. For more information, go to or Details: 704- 618-7993.

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