Discomfort, can you introduce me to stillness?

I’m not alone.

My email inbox has been lighting up with new messages following last week’s blog post “Shift happens…how will you handle it”. It seems this blog post resonated with a number of you.

I was doubting myself. I was insecure about articulating my thoughts.   I felt very fortunate that so many of you would take the time to read my post and share your journey with me.

As I listened to your stories, I felt the need to offer inspiring solutions back. It’s my job to have all of the answers right? I realized it was the discomfort of not having the answers that was troubling me.

I do not have all the answers but this is what I know to be true; a part of the journey is learning to sit with the discomfort.

When we practice yoga, we have to learn to sit with the discomfort of the yoga posture before we can move to stillness. We have to move into stillness before we can find full expression of the posture. It’s a continual cycle that repeats……it’s the journey of self-realization.

We can chose to move around, change or avoid the discomfort. All of these remedies will ease our current feelings but will not change the outcome.

If we want to travel the journey of self-realization we need to listen and feel the discomfort. When we become still, I believe the answers will become clear.

For me, it is my Bikram Yoga practice that offers me a glimpse of stillness. I need to practice learning to live with the discomfort so that I might see clearly details of my self -realization journey.

How do you manage through the discomfort? Where do you find stillness in your day to day life? Share your thoughts with me and others below so we might benefit from your wisdom and experience. I believe we can learn a lot from each other.

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