Join Our BYLKN Summer Body Blast Challenge

We know that you love to get results. Who doesn’t? Our Summer Body Blast Challenge will help you do just that!

In fact, our Summer Body Blast Challenge will make it easy for you to get the results you are after! All you’ll need to do is follow our 1-2-3 Formula & Fitness Tracker!

By focusing on the small but powerful steps, the results you want will appear!

It’s free. It’s fun. And, it’s easy to follow!

And when you sign up for the challenge, we’ll send you a free download of our 1-2-3 Formula & Fitness Tracker to help you be a winner in the Summer Body Blast Challenge!

We’ll share the lessons we’ve learned by witnessing client success over and over!

Here’s what you need to do:

By clicking the button below, you’ll be able to sign up for our Free Summer Body Blast Challenge  and you’ll receive an immediate download of our Free 1-2-3 Formula & Fitness Tracker for a stronger and firmer body, mind and soul!

Click here to download your Fitness Challenge Action Plan

Here’s our 1-2-3 Formula for Fitness

Step 1: Adopt a “I can, I will” attitude.

For the priorities of life, like our health and fitness, mindset comes first. When you set a big goal, your attitude is your ally! There are people who believe they can, and they do. There are also people who believe they can’t, and they don’t. Mindset always leads the way.

Step 2: Break your goal into small steps

Most of us have big goals in mind for our lives, and that is great! However, once the goal is clear, our focus needs to shift to the small steps needed to reach the goal, not the goal itself.

Scheduling time to complete the small steps that support your goal are critical. Time for workouts, walking, classes, etc. Time for meal planning, and time for adequate rest.

Step 3: Keep score.

Get it out of your head! Write down your planned steps and track your results each and every day. Get out your calendar and schedule time for each daily routine. Use our Fitness Tracker to plan your fitness and meals.

For Example: 3 morning classes and 1 evening class are on my recurring weekly schedule. The fitness bag is reloaded and at front door. The water bottle is full. The Meal plan for the week is logged every Sunday, then checked off daily when followed. Sleep time is set from 10pm to 6am daily.

 The commitment is made. 

The Body Blast Fitness Challenge Details

What is it?

The Challenge consists of challenging yourself to accomplish something with your fitness practice that’s just a little beyond what you thought you could do. Challenge yourself to a certain number of classes in 10 weeks. That’s it. Pure and Simple. While true, that Challenge is a commitment of time, it is more importantly a commitment to one’s health, wellness, and spirit.

Why do it?

Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a consistent practice. During the Challenge you may notice changes in your body.  Perhaps you will lose weight, become stronger, and you will settle into a healthier eating and sleeping patter.  One thing is for sure, you will never be the same once you’ve completed your Challenge and will look and feel better than ever!


THE CHALLENGE begins Monday June 11 and ends August 20, 2018. Plan your Challenge around your summer vacation plans. It does not have to be at the beginning of a month. It just has to be when you are ready to commit!


  • The Challenge starts June 11, 2018 and ends August 20, 2018.
  • Stop by the front desk of Bikram Yoga Lake Norman to sign up for the Challenge and get an official Challenge card to track your progress. Free stickers track each class on your card.
  • There is no cost to join the Challenge but you will need a class package. We would recommend the monthly autopay unlimited program if you are taking 6 or more classes in a 30-day period of time.
  • If you are traveling, practice at any Original Hot Yoga Studio for class credit. Download the “Original Hot Yoga” app to find a studio nearby.
  • It is helpful to identify a Challenge “buddy” to help support you throughout the Challenge period.
  • Set your intention with the Challenge and realize that there are no penalties if you do not complete your plan.. All classes build points in your “fitness bank”.

Rewards for Practicing this Summer (besides feeling great!)

Traveling this summer? No problem.

We are giving away prizes all summer long!

Each participant that completes a certain number of classes in will be entered into a drawing for Summer Concert Tickets.

June 11th – June 30th     (Complete 5 classes for drawing)

  • Drawing for Foreigner Tickets – July 4th Concert

July 1st – July 30th   (Complete 10 classes for drawing)

  • Drawing for Janet Jackson Tickets – August 3rd

June 11th – August 20th (Complete 23 classes over 10 weeks)

  • Drawing for Zac Brown Band Tickets – September 13th

Celebration Event (all students welcome).

  • Date to be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: What if I practice at another studio. Does that count?

  • Yes! If you practice at another Original Hot Yoga Studio just bring in your receipt for credit for your practice.

Q. How can I reach my 30 classes goal if I miss a few days?

  • If you need to catch up on practice, you will be able to take up to 5 sets of doubles (2 classes in a day) during the Challenge period. For example, you could miss 2 days but could make them up with a double some other day in order to reach the goal of 30 classes. Just remember, no more than 5 doubles are permitted within the 60 day Challenge period.  Triples (3 classes in a day) are not permitted at our studio.

Q. How long will guest passes be redeemable?

  • Guest passes will expire 60 days after completion of your Challenge

Q. How long can I use the 10% class discount?

  • Our 10% discount expires 60 days after completion of your Challenge.
Click here to download your Fitness Challenge Action Plan
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