The Gift of Bikram Yoga Practice by Mimi Lewis

I was first introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2003 when someone gave me a 20-class gift card. At that point, I had practiced traditional yoga for about a year, but had been working out at Gold’s Gym for many years prior to that. I was immediately attracted to Bikram because it worked my body from the inside out and left me feeling invigorated and relaxed. It was very different from any other form of exercise I had experienced.

Fast forward to 2014. I have come to rely on Bikram practice because of the multitude of benefits I have experienced over the years. The minute I step on the mat, I’m forced to let go of whatever is going on in my life and concentrate on the postures. Every class if different, depending on where my body/mind are on that day, but the after effects are the same: less stressed, great mood, flexible muscles and more energy. In effect, it puts me in “the zone,” which is that overall feeling of wellness and balance the all strive for.

I have recently moved to Charlotte, NC and make the 25-minute drive to  Bikram YogaLake Norman because I can’t imagine life without it. This studio is the cleanest and most spacious of all prior studios where I have practiced. The teachers are so friendly and are dedicated to helping students improve their practice.

I feel so grateful to have the gift of Bikram Yoga Practice! I have tried many alternative hot yoga classes in my travels, but (in my opinion) they pale in comparison.

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