I’m living proof! I accepted the 30 day Bikram challenge!

If anyone would have asked me a year ago or even two months ago if I would accept a 30 day Bikram challenge, let alone step foot in what my very funny friend nicknamed “the cremation room”, I would have said are you out of your mind? For years I introduced myself to yoga instructors as “The Tin Man” from the Wizard of Oz. I love spin classes, outdoor cycling, Crossfit, boot camp, total body classes.

I thought there is no way I am spending 90 minutes in a room heated at 105 degrees doing the same 26 poses day after day…..who does that? Well, I do!

After injuring my shoulder and being forced to back off doing what I loved, my friends found out that Amy was opening a Bikram studio in Mooresville. Still skeptical, my dear sweet friend and soul sister explained to me the benefits of Bikram and encouraged me to try it. I walked into the studio on the first day not knowing what I was in for, but I was hopeful. I managed to stay in the room and get through my first class.

I went back the next day determined to see if I could perform any of the poses deeper than my first attempt. Amy, Elenna and Lizette were so encouraging and nonjudgmental. That night, I researched Bikram Choudhury and found one of his quotes, “Give me 30 days, I’ll change your body. Give me 60 days, I’ll change your life.” I decided I am going for the 30 day challenge! Why not!!

My 30th class was amazing, I felt the love from Amy, Lizette and all my fellow yogis. It was special because it just happened to be Natalie’s first day of teaching at the studio which made it very unique and a day I won’t forget. After 30 days did it change my body? Absolutely, it melted away 6.75 inches over my body. But more importantly, it taught me discipline, peace, and patience with my abilities. I was surprised how it opened my eyes to see this type of practice is about self love and compassion for others on their personal journeys.

One day after a Bikram class, one sweet soul heard I was in the middle of my 30 day challenge and said,” You know when your 30 days is over you will want to do 60.” I smiled and thought I really don’t know if I can. But she was right, I am doing the 60 day challenge. Some say it is a huge time commitment, and yes, it is a commitment. However, we all make time for what strengthens you and makes you feel good, right?

All I know is I feel amazing both mentally and physically and I love that feeling, I crave it!

Can I do all the poses? Absolutely not, but in Bikram you measure by inches not miles. Every class is unique and offers it challenges, whether it be in your poses or mentally accepting your limitations. Bikram is never boring and the instructors are directing and pushing you to give each pose your 100% effort for 100% benefits. Everyone is unique, everyone is beautiful…….there is no judgment in Bikram.

Bikram Yogi, Cindy Bishop

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