How Stuff is Made Matters

A few years back, my parents shipped me fresh pecans to make a pie.  I pulled out Mom’s recipe, purchased the ingredients, and made the pie. It was a soupy mess!

I called Mom to understand what went wrong.  Her question was, “did you use Karo Syrup”?  I thought, what an odd question.  Corn Syrup is all the same, right?

Not so much. How stuff is made matters.

Fast forward to a recent conversation with a student, who said, “It is so easy to breathe in this studio!  It makes for a great class”.

It reaffirmed our decision to “make it right” when designing the studio.

We had heard of folks who forced their air heating system in the room to “make” a hot yoga studio. This kind of thinking and planning can be a major health hazard.

When it came to the new studio, we didn’t want a soupy mess. We did tons of research.  We hired experienced professionals to deliver us a facility that would be safe, enjoyable and stinky free.

We are proud of the result. Here’s why:

Our studio is heated using FAR Infrared Heat, the same technology used to warm premature babies.  The heating panels heat objects, but not the air, so breathing during class is easy. This technology also helps cell regeneration, blood flow, muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness.

Our studio is equipped with an Energy Recovery System (ERV) system that monitors the CO2 levels in the room.  Have you ever become light headed or dizzy during a hot yoga class?  It’s not the heat; it’s because there is insufficient oxygen in the room!

Our ERV system monitors the excess C02 and pulls fresh oxygen in from the outside when needed.  That “baby whale sound” in our room is the ERV at work!

The right ingredients do matter! Now, we feel confident that our students can experience the best possible hot yoga experience in a safe and healthy space.

So, stick to using Karo syrup for your pecan pies and make sure you are practicing in a safe hot yoga room!

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