Do you remember reading the book The Little Engine That Could about the little blue engine that was challenged to pull a train over a high mountain? The little engine accepted the challenge and repeated the mantra “I-think-I-can”, and succeeded!

I found myself in this situation last weekend when I attended a 3 day workshop with Mary Jarvis, a senior Bikram Instructor who has been practicing since 1984. Mary freely shares her wisdom and knowledge with those who want to learn.

Attending one of her workshops has been on my bucket list for years. I was thrilled and intimidated when I learned she was coming to Asheville! You may be wondering… why would I be intimidated?

Mary trains international yoga competitors.  Her students have transformed their bodies and minds by applying a disciplined approach to their yoga practice. Mary challenges her students to go just a little farther than they think is possible.

I wondered if I could make it through her 3 day workshop.   Fortunately, checking off my bucket list item trumped the fear I was feeling inside. I told myself “I can do this” … and headed to Asheville.

The workshop was beyond amazing.   After the morning class, we spent the reminder of the day learning postures and routines that would become our homework assignments.

I worked on some new postures that I never thought were possible.   I left each day physically tired yet more inspired. I had accepted the challenge to go a little farther than I thought was possible.

The drive home was a great time to reflect on the weekend. I had left home with a desire to learn and train with the best. I returned home realizing this journey is making me a better person. I’m a bit more grounded, humble and grateful for everything in my life, even the hard things.

Mary taught me that sticking with the journey of self-realization is really what keeps us returning to the mat each day.

As I returned to my studio Monday morning, I had to issue a disclaimer to the students. They would have to let me share what I had learned! I wanted them to learn what Mary taught me, most importantly that “I-think-I-can” attitude of hers that is so inspiring.

What has been your experience in adopting an “I-think-I-can” attitude in your practice and in your life? We’d love hearing from you. Please post your story in the comments section below!

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