Excuse me, but how do you measure compassion?

What should I do?

I learned of the devastating rains that hit the Columbia, South Carolina area on Sunday morning.   I did not fully understood the magnitude of this storm until I saw the pictures online.   I know you’ve seen it too…water everywhere….houses and cars under water…huge sink holes in the roads….bridges closed.

I felt the need to do something BIG to show my compassion. I reached out to some friends in the Columbia SC area, asking for suggestions. A email arrived from a fellow yogi. Her story is so powerful that I wanted to share it with you.

I was a bit out of sorts this morning with my own worries. Unproductive thoughts were filling my head.  Then I got a phone call. My brother Sam’s friend was in serious car accident.  It appears as though he is going to be OK, although his recovery will be a long road back.

I knew it was going to be a very difficult thing for Sam to process. I wondered what I should do? I decided to go over to his house and fold his laundry. I thought this simple gesture might help him in some way. 

As music was playing in the background, I folded, and when I finished, I realized how totally present I had been. Here’s what I took away from that experience:

  1. My unhappiness/disorder was a direct result of being solely focused on myself and my problems
  2. By serving and showing compassion for my brother I actually helped myself
  3. The most tedious tasks are opportunities to practice being present
  4. Sound, music, and vibrations are alive and therapeutic.  These two beautiful songs were playing in the background:



This story made me realize that I had been searching to do something BIG because I thought BIG would be better or show more compassion. From the return calls and emails that I received, I soon learned that COMPASSION HAS NO SIZE. We are all connected. A simple phone or reaching out can have a profound impact on someone because it shows you care.

Have you been a recipient of someone’s compassion or kind action? What was it about this experience that impacted you? Share your experience with us. I know that it will help all of us next time we ask the question “what should I do”.

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