“Siri, I need the recipe for slowing down…”

I’m over it already.

The holidays have not even begun so why am I feeling this way?   I wonder if anyone else is feeling this way too? Maybe it’s because the retail stores starting decorating for the holidays in September.   Could we wait a little longer before turning everything red/green and putting egg nog on the shelves?

I have noticed that I have turned into one of these “retail people” too. I was having a conversation with one of our Instructors about workshops in January and she said “but what about December?” Good Point! I think this was just the message that I was needing to hear. Slow down and enjoy moment.

For me, slowing down is hard.

I am so accustomed to having a never ending “to do” list that slowing down and enjoying the moment takes work. I just returned from a weekend in the mountains where I did accomplish this goal. We spent some time with a great group of friends, enjoyed some great food and enjoyed the moment.

I noticed that short periods of “active rest” actually help me slow down. These are opportunities where I do something that I enjoy but is completely out of my normal routine.   My active rest last weekend was experimenting with recipes. It is what most folks would call “cooking”. As most of friends know, I am not a cook so experimenting with recipes can be fun and challenging!

I leisurely shopped and prepared the ingredients. I enjoyed the aroma of the recipe simmering on the stove.   As I occasionally stirred the recipe,  I noticed that all of my thoughts and actions had slowed down to a simmer as well. Wow…what a great feeling! It was just what I needed to enjoy the moment.

Have you experienced being overwhelmed with the pace of life lately? What is your recipe to slow down and enjoy the moment. Share your thoughts and experiences with us below. I know we will all benefit as the busy holiday season has just now begun.

The Recipe

p.s. curious about the recipe that slowed me down? I am sharing it here so you can enjoy it as well.

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