Confessions from a Yoga Pants Aficionado

My husband and I were sitting around one evening reading various news reports on-line. He mentioned an AP article about a school that banned yoga pants in their dress code.   His reaction was, “why would anyone wear yoga pants to school”?

Ok, so I should have spoke up at the time, but my inner obsession with yoga pants kept me quiet as a yoga student in savasana.

I took a sabbatical from the corporate world three plus years ago to pursue my passion of getting certified to teach Bikram Yoga and bring Bikram Yoga to my local community. So, yoga pants are my new corporate apparel. I have not counted the number of yoga pant variations (leggings, capris, slacks, shorts and everything in between) that I own. So you can now understand why I didn’t say anything during the yoga pant dress code discussion, as this is my typical apparel.

I have now decided that it is time for me to confess my yoga pant obsession and the various dress code violations that I have made over the last several years:

* I have not admitted to my family the quantity of yoga pants that I own (i.e. why the three storage bins are at the studio versus home)

* I did wear a pair of really cute skull leggings to my 50th Birthday party (I got tons of compliments on my outfit)

* I have worn yoga pants to church and not had any guilty feelings about it (God loves us just as were are, right?)

* I have been known to say “oh, I have had these yoga pants forever” so that I don’t have to admit to a recent purchase (ok, a little white lie to save the innocent manufacturers)

So, it’s done. I am out in the open.  

It’s hard for anyone to understand the choice to wear yoga pants to almost any occasion until you have worn a pair yourself. They truly are some of the most comfortable clothing apparel on the planet.

Do you agree with me this fact? Do you have a confession that you need to make about yoga pants? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. It will definitely help others understand this new trend in dressing.

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