Yoga? Really? Why? (Part 1)

This week’s Top Three Benefits from Practicing Yoga

This is the First part of our series on Favorite Benefits from Practicing Yoga. Curious about other benefits?   Also, you can read Part 2 here.

Working out on the bicycle or treadmill, lifting weights, and swimming a few laps are all great physical exercises.  So, why yoga? Simple. Yoga is a complete discipline; the benefits of practicing yoga impact both our body and brain from the first day on the mat.  The list of benefits is long but here are three  of my favorites…

1. Yoga rejuvenates us. There’s nothing quite like Savasana or the feeling you have at the end of class. You feel stronger, taller, stretched and relaxed. It’s like hitting the refresh button on both your body and brain.  Namaste to that.

2. We tend to smile more. Just a few weeks of yoga can reduce anxiety levels. The less you stress, the more you smile. Plus, exercise boosts happy chemicals in your brain and improves overall mood. It works so well that some doctors recommend exercise to those who suffer from depression.

3. It makes us more flexible, on and off the mat. Just six weeks of regular yoga practice can significantly increase flexibility, according to research published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Plus, for many, yoga increases flexibility in perspective by prompting us to master new poses, breathing styles and meditative thoughts.

What about you? What benefits do you get from your yoga practice? Please share your thoughts below or post to our facebook page today!

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