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What Clients are Saying

My comments on working with Amy in private lessons:

Amy focused on the purpose of each posture and how it fits into the sequence. This helped me to understand how to pace myself in class, building on the previous and preparing for the next posture.

Amy demonstrated each posture in the full expression but she made it very comfortable for me to go into the posture only as far as I could do it correctly. This helped me to feel confident in class with my limitations and with my progress.

Mary Beth Kuzmanovich, Google Review

The beautiful aspect of this studio is the fact NO ONE is judged on skill or appearance.

You walk into an immaculate space where – in one class – you strengthening every aspect of yourself. Your body, mind and your willpower!
It’s one of the few, if not the only exercise you will not suffer an injury from, put stress on your joints, or strain your muscles. Not the mention, the heat is incredibly cleansing for your pores and blood vessels.

Try it! You will be surprised how much you body/mind will like it.

Chris Robillard, Google Review

I am a 55 year old cyclist who has been plagued with leg cramps during long rides for years.

A fellow cyclist recommended yoga. I had never tried yoga and definitely knew nothing about Bikram yoga. I walked in and was immediately put at ease by the relaxed and open feel. Amy and Patty were very encouraging and patient with me on my first few classes. I had my first long race yesterday and did not have a single cramp!

I would recommend this studio to anyone interested in a warm (105 degrees) and welcoming yoga experience.

Jeff Lavoie, Google Review

Those who know me know that I have become passionate about Bikram yoga and in particular Amy’s studio.

We’re so fortunate to have her studio in Mooresville; it’s the only Bikram studio in the Charlotte Metro area.
Amy, the owner and one of the instructors, has built out a beautiful studio.
It has 2 very large yoga studios, one is dedicated to a heated environment, the other a serene classic studio that’s used for Vinyasa and Yin practice. Both are mirrored. There are two pristine locker rooms with showers. The ” hot studio” is so well done. Since becoming a monthly member in February, I’ve learned there’s a tremendous difference in studios in the Mooresville area offering hot yoga. Amy has invested in a sophisticated oxygen recovery system for the hot studio which allows you to very easily acclimate to the 105 degrees needed for Bikram. I believe it exchanges the CO2 produced by us during class and replaces it with oxygen. The special humidifier and fans round out the experience. Amy also invested in wall to wall mat flooring in the hot studio. I’ve learned most Bikram studios are carpeted. Aren’t we lucky?

Now to the classes.
Bikram, Yin and Vinyasa yoga are offered along with a new class: Inferno Pilates. I do the 90 minute Bikram class 3X weekly, Vinyasa twice weekly. I’ve taken two Inferno classes and will layer that in next month. Bikram changed my body. Prior to starting Bikram, I was a member of the Y for two years and did 6 group classes weekly- yoga and aerobic. While I was fit, it wasn’t enough to kick in my metabolism. All I can say is wow! I am in my late 50s and wish that I had discovered Bikram years ago. My strength, flexibility, muscle tone and well being are through the roof. I also lost 10 pounds within the first few months. A nice side benefit has been on my golf game. I now hit my drives and fairway shots with a power that I never had before.

Can you tolerate the 105 degrees?
Quite honestly I didn’t notice it after halfway through the second class. I simply began focusing on beginning to master the 26 postures. I love those cold towels that are distributed at the end of Bikram and Inferno. A side benefit of Bikram ” hot ” yoga is our summers are just a shrug. Your body is used to the heat.

Amy is a pro and a natural instructor; extremely attentive; shares excellent tips.
She and the other instructors as well are very good with explaining the rationale behind a certain technique, hand position etc. Patty is also quite good, while she is a new Bikram instructor, she has been practicing Bikram yoga for 15+ years. Kim, who is also a chiropractor, is also another favorite. Can you imagine Vinyasa taught a chiropractor? Her quick massage during savanna is heavenly.

Class size on all sessions?
Perfect. Allows for a safe, attentive workout environment. My 9:30am weekday Bikram classes typically have 8-15 people, 8:30 am Vinyasa typically 4-7 people. A good mix of age and gender.

Many of the members travel from out of the area from Hickory, Davidson, Concord and Charlotte.
Yes we are fortunate in the Lake Norman area to have Amy, her studio and her staff!

Lisa Jones, Google Review

I have been to numerous Yoga and Bikram studios across the country.

Hot Yoga Lake Norman tops the list.

Excellent instructors, outstanding facilities, and flexible schedule options. Stop by and give this studio a visit….no regrets.

David Wheeler, Yelp Review
I have practiced many forms of yoga, but am not very experienced with Bikram yoga.

Steven’s beginner Bikram class was an excellent experience for me.  I felt encouraged when I fell out of poses to keep trying and given coaching that helped me do better on the next attempt.  I was not the only student in class who could not go fully into certain postures.  And there were enough smiling faces in the crowd that I felt welcomed.
Also, the studio is very clean and large.
Plenty of room to stretch out, without running into my fellow students.

Lydia Ritenour , Yelp Review 2015
I cannot say enough FANTASTIC things about this yoga studio!!!!

I had never done yoga before, and was encouraged by a coworker to look into Bikram specifically. So, a quick search led me here.

What is Bikram?
Bikram is a special type of yoga. It’s not just “hot yoga.” Bikram can only be practiced/taught by a select few studios who are actually affiliated with – and properly taught by – an official Bikram teacher. “Bikram” is the name of the founder, Bikram Choudhury, who created this form of yoga India.

Bikram is practiced in a HOT environment – not just hot, but usually between 100-104 degrees. Plus, the room isn’t dry – it’s a wet heat – humidity is usually set at 40%. It makes a difference… prepare to sweat. Prepare to sweat profusely – and it’s amazing!

So I went here first, and I am so glad I did.
I went to this studio and was greeted by Lindsay who is a fantastic instructor! I nervously walked in and took my shoes off at the door (there were shoe racks, so I followed the queue this gave me)… She greeted me with a very warm smile and a “Hello, welcome!” I approached the front desk, and said, “Hi, I’m new and I saw you had a beginner’s class scheduled tonight. Is there still a beginner’s class tonight I could try?” Lindsay said, “we’re ALL beginners.” It wasn’t condescending; it was sincere and warm. She was disarming.

She made me really comfortable and proceeded to answer all my (many) questions. I paid cash for the drop-in rate (hint: check the schedule, they sometimes have cheap times/days for drop-ins if you pay cash.) She explained the packages and the current promo (it was ~$50 for a month of unlimited classes for new members.) I declined – I didn’t know if I’d love it or think it was a class full of quacks. She did not pressure me at all, and showed me where the locker room was, and where the class would be held.

I went to the locker room to change – the locker room has 3 showers, 2 bathroom stalls, plenty of ‘cubbies’, lockers if you wish, 2 sinks, a vanity counter with hair dryers, and a changing area with a bench.
I changed, leaving everything except my yoga mat, yoga towel, and water bottle in the locker room. (If you don’t have a mat, they can rent you one. But definitely hydrate ahead of time – and bring water!)

I entered the studio and laid my mat and towel down in the back-center, next to another woman, Sherri.
Sherri, like all other members, was very sweet and would become someone I run into a lot, and someone I would occasionally ask questions to (about the instructors, other classes, etc.). The first class, I made it through, but barely – I could not believe how EXHAUSTING it was. It wasn’t your typical “Kumbayah” type of yoga. Everyone was drenched with sweat within the first 10 minutes. Most of the classes are 90 minutes long. They do the same Bikram poses (26) every time, but you can push yourself to different levels with each pose and each class. There are classes I have to sit down and rest as the class continues, and that’s perfectly ok.

Everyone goes at their OWN pace, and ONLY focuses on themselves.
This is important to note, because it means there is no judgement. Period.

Heather Whaley, Google Review