Why Bikram Lake Norman? 2016-11-21T13:25:28+00:00

There are so many good reasons to make us your home for yoga and fitness!

Bikram Lake Norman is a place where you can free your body and mind, increase strength and flexibility, relieve stress, lose weight, tone muscles, create focus and determination in your life, heal your body from the inside out and let go of all your worries!

The ultimate gift of a consistent yoga practice is achieving self-realization. You know who you are and what you want, and you let nothing get in your way.

There are no limits to what you can achieve with a consistent yoga practice, and Bikram Yoga Lake Norman is committed to go above and beyond to help you realize this. Come experience this for yourself and live the results. Accept the challenge, take control, break through and realize.

And There’s More…

  • All of our teachers have gone through rigorous Bikram training and certification.
  • The poses focus on proper alignment while the heat helps to relax muscles and encourage blood flow.
  • Because you are sweating and your heart rate is rising, you are also burning belly fat the entire time!
  • Everyone can practice it regardless of age, gender and fitness level.
  • Bikram yoga raises hope in people, because it teaches you how to keep going rather than giving up!

Our Students Say:

“After practicing Bikram Yoga, the big thing I noticed was how it helped my carpal tunnel! The orthopedic doctors had me sleeping in braces…all that did was irritate me and mess with my sleep! I stopped wearing the braces and with a regular practice, I am happy to share that my carpal tunnel is no longer an issue.”
AutoCad Draftsman from Charlotte
“When I began Bikram, I couldn’t walk without pain, and my back was always bothering. Six months into Bikram, the pain in my back and knees is gone!”
professor, Charlotte
“Bikram Yoga is a life changing experience. It has made me stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. My aches and pains have disapeared. It has also improved my patience, focus, calmness and clarity. I am so grateful for this practice and thrilled that LKN is getting an authentic Bikram Yoga studio!”
Business Development Manager, Charlotte
“After doing Bikram Yoga yoga for 4 months, I have actually gained inches. I have never been 60 inches in my life!!! I can officially say that I’m 5′ tall now — feeling excited.”
Business Entrepreneur, Columbia
“I started practicing Bikram Yoga so I could get off my high blood pressure medicine.  Since I have been practicing (8 months), I have consistency lowered my prescription every three months.  I have a clear image of me walking out of the of doctor’s office with no prescription.  I know that I will achieve my goal when I return to the doctor’s office next time.  “
Sushi chef, Columbia